Honda HRU196M2PWUH Heritage

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The Honda Heritage lawnmowers boasts many features that lawnmower contractors, landscape designers and keen gardeners know and love. With an open rear chute design, the Honda Heritage will mow in the most luscious or dry conditions. The new deck design also helps ensure a full load of grass time after time. Mulching is great for your (or your client’s) lawn, with the nutrient-rich grass cuttings being returned to the soil, saving you time as you have fewer stops to empty the catcher. Saving time, energy and money.


With an integrated snorkel to assist the air filter, the HRU196 Heritage is well prepared to manage any conditions. This model features Honda’s Mow-Safe™technology in the form of an Engine Brake, which is designed with the safety of the operator and passers-by in mind. The release of the Engine Brake, the blades and the engine will both stop within three seconds, keeping everyone safe.


The Honda Heritage has a powerful, long-lasting 5.5 horsepower-class engine with cast-iron bore in the form of a GXV160. It’s part of the all-conquering GXV range, and drawing on three decades of GX engine technology, you know you’ve got the best. Of course, like all Honda lawnmowers the Honda Heritage features the ‘first time every time’ easy-start system.

The pull cord is attached to the upper handles, so you don’t have to bend all the way over to start the mower. And like all Honda engines, the GXV160 runs on regular unleaded petrol, so there’s no need for multiple fuel cans in the garage or mixing oil. Contractors across New Zealand know that the savings alone from using a Four-Stroke engine like the GXV160 are massive.

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