Honda HRR216VKUA

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Further cementing Honda’s reputation as one of the premier manufacturers of domestic lawnmowers, the HRR216 features a large, durable steel 21” cutting deck and a generous 66 litre catcher bag.

The HRR216 is lightweight and robust to easily manoeuvre around the lawn. No matter if you’re in the suburbs, in the country or on the land, if you’re after a reliable, long-lasting mower that’s backed to get the job done every time, the HRR216 is for you.


The HRR216VKUA is powered by the Honda Four-Stroke GCV160 overhead cam engine. Easy-starting, fuel efficient and powerful, Honda’s premium residential GCV160 engines are legendary for providing years of reliable service.

An auto-choke feature ensures that your HRR216 will start ‘first time every time’, and lets you conveniently run the mower without adjusting the choke or engine throttle.

Even the simple elements of a regular lawnmower are enhanced by Honda on the HRR216. Each wheel offers six different heights for even greater flexibility, and the large, 8-inch wheels with rear ball bearings offer better manoeuvrability, a smoother drive and increased durability.


The HRR216 Self-Propelled model’s Smart Drive control lets you easily adjust the mower’s speed, so that you can walk at your own pace. Just point the mower in the direction you want to go, and walk behind!

The HRR216 features Honda’s exclusive twin blade MicroCut® System, which uses four cutting surfaces to give you an extra advantage.

Instead of the traditional two blades that offer one cutting edge each, the HRR216 has been designed with four cutting surfaces resulting in ultra fine clippings.


The HRR216 offers users a simple three-in-one system with Clip Director®. This system allows you to mulch, bag or discharge your clippings with just one touch.

You can mulch your clippings, distributing them directly back into your lawn, or you can throw them straight into the bag like a conventional mower design. Just slide the Clip Director® from side to side, and the HRR216 will do the rest!

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